Marians Nursery

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  • Marians Nursery besteht seit langer Zeit und hat viele Jahre Erfahrung mit ihrem Garten-Center in Dublin. Die Baumschule enthält die größte Sammlung von Gartenrosen in Irland.
  • Marians Nursery is a long established nursery’s with many years experience in their garden centre Dublin. The nursery contains one of the largest varieties of home grown roses in Ireland. The founder now in his eighties and still going strong has spent a life time in the development and the growing of roses. He is a renowned judge of roses and has judged roses at all of the top flower competitions both in Ireland and abroad. His unbending passion is breeding roses of a colour and quality that will flourish in your garden, have a long life and flower on a regular basis. His roses are sold to garden centres all over Ireland and are known for their reliability in growth and their colour of flower. 

Marians Nursery
New Haggard Lusk
North County Dublin
Telephone: 01-8437445
Fax: 01-8439720